Interim Budget 2024: Highlights.

🔰 The Budget for 2024-25 sets a tone of balanced growth despite fiscal consolidation (a government policy that aims to reduce deficits and debt).

🔰 The budget aims to adhere to financial discipline but at the same time focuses on higher capital outlay.


1.Undivided focus on Capital Investment.

2. Income Tax Slabs remained unchanged. Direct tax collection tripled, return filers increased to 2.4 times, in the last 10 years

3. Financial sector in good shape: Gross NPA down to 3.2% (Sept 23) Vs 11.20% in FY 2018. Banks are in good shape.

4. Strong Corporate Balance Sheet: Less leveraged and more profitable.

As expected no BIG BANG announcements but on the right track.


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