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My article on Multi Asset Funds was published on 2nd Oct 2023, in Hindustan Times- Hindi – Noida Edition.

Stability with Superior Performance, Multi-Asset Funds juggle between different Assets Like Equity, Debt, Gold, and others to generate superior risk-adjusted returns. ICICI Pru & Kotak Multi-Asset funds have been able to beat benchmarks Like SENSEX (100% Equity) by smartly moving within these assets and keeping the Average Equity Exposure low at 45%-60% range. My article on Multi Asset Funds was published […]

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I’ll be Back.

There will be a Sunrise after every sunset. So is for Equities, every time a crash gives birth to the next BIG RISE. Let’s first understand in simpler words what is happening: During Covid global economy came to a standstill. Like medical fraternity worldwide were trying to save mankind, so were the global central banks were […]

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