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GDP Growth Outlook.

🔰 Citing India’s stellar performance in 2023. Moody’s raises India’s GDP Forecast for 2024 to 6.8%. Earlier they projected it to be at 6.1%. A big shift. 🔰 India will remain the fastest growing large Economy for the next 2 years. I see this growth even prolonged for this decade, as China continues to Struggle. […]

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Have you heard about UDGAM?

RBI has introduced an innovative centralized platform called UDGAM (Unclaimed Deposits – Gateway to Access Information). It allows you to explore unclaimed deposits across various Indian banks through a unified interface. Its primary objective is to centralise data from different banks, which will make it easier for individuals to search and retrieve their forgotten deposits. PSUs […]

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How do we win a game that has no end?

Finite games are the one which have clear endpoint. Like Football, cricket etc. Infinite Games like business, politics & WAR, don’t have a clear measurable end point. – Simon Sinek. Russia has clear intent to have to Conquer Kyiv. But UKRAINE is Playing to outlast the war, Frustrate & wear out the Russian army. Coz they understand that’s the only way they […]

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