How do we win a game that has no end?

Finite games are the one which have clear endpoint. Like Football, cricket etc. Infinite Games like business, politics & WAR, don’t have a clear measurable end point. – Simon Sinek.

Russia has clear intent to have to Conquer Kyiv. But UKRAINE is Playing to outlast the war, Frustrate & wear out the Russian army. Coz they understand that’s the only way they survive. Vietnam did this to US, So did Afghanistan to USSR.

❇️ Buried under pile of sanctions from West, Russian economy is on the verge of Collapse.

❇️ Ruble crashed over 50% against USD, and has just managed to recover some. Russian Stock market is closed since 25th Feb. Russian Central Bank hiked its key interest rates to 20% to tame uncontrollable Inflation.

❇️ Russian bonds have been downgraded to Junk Status, and with Western Businesses fleeing Russia, Unemployment will soar.

❇️Russian stocks trading in US markets have been stopped from trading. Further Russian Stocks will not find place in Most of the Emerging Markets Exposure which Global Fund Manager takes. -Benefit to India and Other Emerging Countries.. 

Like all wars, this should also come to an end sometime. But World may potentially see many changes, including a new financial system, as Russia will learn from all the jolts it has received during this invasion.

Equity Markets have a precedence of Remaining volatile during wars, but strengthened after it., Which should taken as opportunity to average cost at lower levels. Key Concern for us still Remains soaring Crude Oil prices and Commodities.



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