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This too Shall Pass..

Returning from a long holiday, Chinese Markets Plunged over 7% as they opened Yesterday, fearing Corona Virus Mayhem and virtual Shutdown of its top Economically important Towns. US Markets bounced backed yesterday with S&P / NASDAQ Closing at 0.73% & 1.34% Higher respectively. India, today showed resilience, With SENSEX bouncing back over 917 Points and […]

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Crude Facts

Crude Facts: 1. WTI (Western Texas Intermediate) American Crude Oil. Yesterday, May 2020 contracts of WTI plunged below Zero as physical demand of Crude has dried, creating a global supply glut. This means many American oil-producing companies will witness financial strain in the near term. May 2020 contract has now recovered and trades at $5. It’s […]

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CORONA: A Missed Opportunity.

France supplied some 10 Million N95 Masks to China and it fights from Viral Epidemic. However, on the contrary, India curbed N95 masks exports, fearing we might need it. Two different responses to the situation. France took it as a sales opportunity and we cowered back. As the Coronavirus crisis has caught India Off guard, From […]

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