Buy Cheap and Sell High. Means Gains.

❇️ WAR, Supply Chain Disruption, Rising Crude Oil Prices, Rising Interest Rates (Global/Local), High Inflation (War & Supply chain had a major impact here.), Weak Rupee, Dollar Index Shooting up, Liquidity tightening. These headlines will dominate in Media now.

❇️ When we look back at the history, we find all these have been part of it. It has happened before as well, there is going to be some pain, for sometime, for sure, but you can realize pleasure only once you have gone through the Pain.

📍 All above are some of the indicators to gradually increase Equity Exposure. One needs to buy in the BEAR Market to participate in the next BULL Market.

📍 On the Positive Front: The Key indicator which is Corporate results of Last quarter so far has been healthy, Our banking system is much cleaner now, April 22 GST stands at all time high, Corporate balance sheet are less leveraged now.

📍 Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with the Economy but ongoing situation will create some turmoil, may be some more correction but lower Market levels is the discount you are getting. SELL HIGH- BUY CHEAP = PROFITS.


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