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NIFTY at 24000. What’s Up

Markets are always tricky and unpredictable. From the perspective that BJP falling short of the majority can be nasty for the markets, to this day. Now BJP is well short of the Majority, but we have the same faces in the governance. A seemingly well-placed govt. which rides firmly on optimism of coalition and a […]

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GDP Growth Outlook.

🔰 Citing India’s stellar performance in 2023. Moody’s raises India’s GDP Forecast for 2024 to 6.8%. Earlier they projected it to be at 6.1%. A big shift. 🔰 India will remain the fastest growing large Economy for the next 2 years. I see this growth even prolonged for this decade, as China continues to Struggle. […]

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2023 – What Lies Ahead.

Despite massive pessimism around the global economy right since the start of the COVID crisis, the global economy has reshaped and fought back. The year 2022 brought back again fear of recession in developed economies. But investing prudence always lies in looking at the larger picture not only at a chip of the block.   […]

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